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tmr mould solution x2 gallons

100% Made Right Here, in Canada.

We produce and distribute a top quality mold stain remover for remediation companies, so they can drastically reduce labour costs while increasing profit margins.

Do I need to mix this product with anything?

No, the product does not, and should not be mixed with anything. Just shake the jug before use and pour it into your sprayer.

How do I apply the product?

The best method to apply this product is with a garden sprayer available from your local hardware store. We recommend something similar to the Chapin Yard and Garden Poly sprayer.

Can I use TMR/100 on fabrics?

TMR/100 will stain fabric so we recommend that you test it in on an inconspicuous area first. TMR/100 was designed for and works best on wood (attics and crawlspaces), concrete, siding and drywall.

What kind of protection should I be wearing?

The minimum protection you should be wearing is a 3m or similar full face mask with organic vapour cartridges and a pair of gloves. When applying the product it is recommended that you also wear a tyvex suit with hood and rubber boats.

Where should I store TMR/100?

TMR/100 should be stored in a cool dark location in an area where the product will not freeze or be exposed to very high temperatures.

Download the TMR/100 Technical Data PDF

Download the TMR/100 MSDS PDF

What kind of Warranty does TMR/100 include?

If you are not completely satisfied with TMR/100 please contact us within 10 days of receiving your shipment and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.

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